Welcome to my online shop!

This shop has products I have created from my artwork.

The T shirts were originally created as Christmas gifts. I have continued to silk screen and hand paint quality 100% Cotton T shirts you can purchase and perhaps say. "I know the artist" my dad would proudly exclaim when I would comment. "Nice shirt dad". I yearly design new Holiday cards as many of you may have been a recipient. I offer you packages of 6. My spatter socks also became very popular. Pete has joined the creative side of coffee tables. Explore and have some fun, find some treasures to share with your loved ones and friends.

Thank you for visiting and have a nice day! Sandy & Pete

Featured Products

I love wearing my t-shirts especially the chickadees and the trumpet vines. I have received compliments on both. The schooner I have given to friends and family as a remembrance of Bristol. The crazy socks always get a comment and they are very comfortable since they are all cotton. I especially like some of the notepaper and cards because they are unusual. The apple tree card is one of my favorites. I love the whimsical Christmas cards. Wait till you see Santa’s water-skiing reindeer and some with a nautical theme. The garden and flower photos are truly beautiful.