Krazy Socks & Shorts

Hand spattered crew socks. The socks are one of a kind no two are alike, add a fun splash to your wardrobe. Crew socks $4.95 Ladies & Boys, Men's sizes 10-13 & 13-16. no tax on clothing. Add a fun splash to your wardrobe.

New! Krazy Shorts 50% Cotton 50% polyester Child: Small, Medium, Large $19.95. Adult: Small, Medium, Large, & X Large $24.95 each, no tax.

I believe my ladies and boys & child socks are 100% cotton, but when I need to create more stock, they will only be available 80% cotton, I can get 100% but not machine washable. It probably has something to do with the type of thread or cotton they have available. When I needed to re order the men's socks I ran into this. I was able to get as close to USA made as possible. Thanks Sandy

Reviews: I hate wearing white socks. I absolutely love my crazy socks, I’ve been wearing them for 20 years or more. They fit well and last a long time. So many people compliment me on them. One of the things I love about them is that if one wears out or gets lost you can match it with any other. The price is right and fast shipping too.”- Cliff

I love wearing my t-shirts especially the chickadees and the trumpet vines. I have received compliments on both. The schooner I have given to friends and family as a remembrance of Bristol. The crazy socks always get a comment and they are very comfortable since they are all cotton. I especially like some of the notepaper and cards because they are unusual. The apple tree card is one of my favorites. I love the whimsical Christmas cards. Wait till you see Santa’s water-skiing reindeer and some with a nautical theme. The garden and flower photos are truly beautiful.