Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering

Some of you know I lettered boats and signs for many years. This is some of my work.


I painted this for an Admiral using a key chain for the sample design

Large Sign

I created this from their logo

Koala Anchor

I did this as a surprise for my husband who always wanted a faux anchor for the hawser hole

"Koala" A 1941 42 foot Cabin Cruiser

“Koala” A 1941 42 foot Cabin Cruiser

Fishing Vessel "Nathan G"

I learned early on to take good care of the fisherman. They will take good care of you and a good chance you’ll get some fresh fish for dinner!

"Mystery Girl"

This I painted for a friend of mine. I spent many wonderful hours sailing on “Mystery Girl”

Grecyn 11 left

Blue lettering enamel


Dinghy named "Thinghy"

Dinghy named “Thinghy”
I did this for a guy all excited he had a dinghy to name “thinghy”. He sat next to me on the computer to show me what he was hoping for.

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