Gypsy Moth Protection

Old Oak and Rhododendron

My Garden from neighbors yard

This is my favorite Gypsy Moth protection.
I watched the news report on Gypsy Moth the other day and they recommended spraying. They defoliated ½ of RI forest last year (if a tree defoliates 3 year in a row it can kill the tree) .This is how as a homeowner you can save your trees, without spraying.
This is how as a homeowner you can save your trees, without spraying. I have an 80 foot Black Oak tree approx. 100 years old. I am a professional gardener for 15+ years.
At the beginning of May, I take a rope that is large enough to wrap around the trunk and tie it off Waist high, we then tuck burlap behind and over to form a flap about 6-12” at the top. Then you check daily under the flap at dusk to see if creatures are hiding under the flap for coolness & moisture. I then brush them off into a bucket of soapy water, dish washing liquid will work. I have caught gypsy moths, earwigs, other creatures that want to climb my tree and feast. Keep checking. You can check and see nothing for days then suddenly you may find a lot, from “Rodale’s Garden Answers”
I also have my own more successful method of killing Winter Moth this I will post in the fall. In my opinion it works better than the expensive Tangle spray and tape products.

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