Garden Jill’s 2019

Garden Jill’s 2019

Many of you know I Consult and garden. I not always take photos because I am not always there when the show begins. This year I took the time to Photograph some of my favorite flower gardens. I hope you enjoy, this one is Jill’s

Andromedia and Pencil Iex

Full blooming Andromeda

Hosta and Vinca Minor

Vinca ground cover and lime green Hosta


Red Clematis vine

Red Clematis

Full Sun, shady feet

Clematis and Minature Lilac

Great Backdrop for this Clematis

Iris and Pea

Nice taller edging to the lawn


Full sun showy flowers


These where everywhere and gorgeous in Rhode Island 2019


Purple Rhododendron full bloom

Miniature Lilac

Miniature Lilac Very Fragrant

Dianthis or Pinks

full sun short border plant


we called them “Poor Mans Orchid” as kids


Tree Peonie

A Favorite of mine large flowers

Tree Peonie

Large and Spectacular Blooms

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