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These are some of my favored art sketches. Black & white art prints for sale $30. each. They come with a beveled matt & backing. Paper is acid-free to prevent from crumbling or yellowing. 8.5" x 11" , 24 lbs. 98 bright white. Outside matt size 11" x 14" Titled and dated when I created the drawing. They are in a plastic sleeve for protection and are ready to frame and hang on your wall and enjoy for years to come.

When I studied printmaking, in college Lithography was my favorite. I love the soft lines. It is printing from a stone (lithographic limestone) or a metal plate with a smooth surface. It was invented in 1796. We used a lithographic waxy crayon. Then etched the stone by treating the stone with a mixture of weak acid and gum arabic. All but the wax crayon drawing was etched. Also known as wax resist. Then inked and printed.

The presses are no longer used in the print shops. I think these black & white prints are as close to lithography as I can get. Thank you for your feedback for these chosen favorites.

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