T Shirt Dresses

Us 401 Us Ladies Cotton T-Shirt Dress. 100% Cotton Made in USA x Large (Sunset, Peregrine, Great Blue Heron), Anvil (one size fits most) assembled in El Salvador of USA fabric (Owl, Chickadee), Bella 60% Cotton 40% Polyester (Chickadee T shirt dresses)

A long t shirt. Hand Painted $29.95 each. ($5. more for GB Heron). I used to be able to buy Anvil's one size fits most. For several years I was unable to purchase any dresses. I then found some, somewhat sheer pink dresses made by Bella 60/40 cotton/polyester. I printed the chickadees on these. I am now able to get them again, but the sizes range from small-5 X Large. I bought some all x large. I think they are a little smaller than the one size fits most, so I recommend that we measure the size for you before shipping to make sure it is the fit you want. My friends and I have loved these as nighties or night shirts, but they have also been purchased to go over a bathing suit.100% preshrunk cotton. "Chickadees" I have (1) 1 size fits most & (1) pink large 60/40, "Great Blue Heron" (1 each) natural & white x large. "Great Horned Owl" (1) white x large, "Peregrine Falcon" (1) natural & white x large. This is what I currently have in stock but for the designs I have a screen for they can be pre ordered (not hummingbirds or chickadee).