“Hummingbird's T-Shirts 100% preshrunk cotton crew neck silk screen & hand painted. This design is low on inventory and not available special ordered. So this is what is left in inventory for hummingbird t-shirts. I have added subcategories by size to help with ordering.

This is one of my first designs that I started producing as cards and t shirts. The original print run was silk screened and then I hand painted them. I will need to produce a 3-color separation and work with a silkscreen print shop to create more inventory.

You can attract Ruby-throated Hummingbirds to your backyard by setting up feeders or by planting tubular flowers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture lists the Trumpet Vine as an invasive weed. They are a lovely plant if used carefully. Hummingbirds love them.

Hummingbird females build a nest as a small cup using spider webs, lichens, moss, and loose strings of plant fibers commonly attached to a tree branch. Typically, two pea shaped white eggs, the smallest of any bird are incubated over 2-3 weeks in late spring. Fed by regurgitation only from the mother, the chicks fledge in about 3 weeks. Wikipedia