"Large Mouth Bass" Crew Neck T-Shirts

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"Large Mouth Bass" 100% preshrunk cotton t shirts. Great for anglers & fishermen. Black, Carolina blue, Caribbean blue & Khaki green This T Shirt can be per ordered.

The original Large mouth Bass design was created with a sponge, pen & ink, the artwork was black and white. A friend saw the art and asked if I could make a t shirt from this design, It has been quite popular over the years. It was originally printed on black shirts with white ink. Now a larger color selection and styles are available. These are silk screened in white paint and then hand painted. The color palette changes depending on the color shirt it is printed on. The fish itself is not as colorful as the t shirts I think it makes a good-looking vibrant statement.

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I love wearing my t-shirts especially the chickadees and the trumpet vines. I have received compliments on both. The schooner I have given to friends and family as a remembrance of Bristol. The crazy socks always get a comment and they are very comfortable since they are all cotton. I especially like some of the notepaper and cards because they are unusual. The apple tree card is one of my favorites. I love the whimsical Christmas cards. Wait till you see Santa’s water-skiing reindeer and some with a nautical theme. The garden and flower photos are truly beautiful.